Mokra Gora Day Tour

Šargan Eight Train Ride

Get ready for an exciting adventure on a day trip with our guide in Šargan and Mokra Gora Nature Park. Surrounded by the Tara and Zlatibor mountains, we travel through the picturesque regions of Western Serbia. We are waiting for an inspiring ride on the museum railway - the Šargan Eight. We will climb the Mećavnik hill and walk through the enchanting environment that Drvengrad (lit. Wooden town) gives us. We make the first break on our excursion in the Ovčarsko-Kablar Gorge.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

In our vehicle during the trip, we pass a 20 km long gorge formed by the mountain peaks Ovčar and Kablar together with the Zapadna Morava river, flowing into the Međuvršje lake that surrounds us during the drive. There are 10 Serbian medieval monasteries in the Ovčarsko-Kablar Gorge. Hidden in dense forests, they stand on lookouts like lighthouses of time. We turn off the road towards Ovčar Banja to visit the Annunciation Monastery from 1601.
We continue towards Mokra Gora.

Nature Park Šargan-Mokra Gora

The Nature Park is a paradise for walking, exploring, and enjoying in one place. It is surrounded by the National park Tara and the mountain Zlatibor. We will visit the source " Bele vode" (lit.White Water), the Church of St. John, and a small museum dedicated to the old railway. The wealth of the Šargan - Mokra Gora Pyrode Park is numerous hot springs, springs, streams, and groundwater, as well as flora and fauna with endemic species that have been found and are still being researched. The center of the park is the village of the same name, Mokra Gora, where the main railway station of the Nostalgija train is located.

Šargan Eight train raide

Šarganska osmica is a narrow-gauge railway with a width of 76 cm. Its history begins in 1925 when this railway connected Belgrade with Dubrovnik until 1974 when the famous steam locomotive "Ćira" ran on it. Today, Šarganska Osmica is the main tourist attraction of Western Serbia. The real museum railway "Nostalgia", which now runs from Mokra Gora to the town of Vitasi, makes an "eight" during its ascent to Mount Šargan and thus overcomes a height difference of 300 meters. The train passes through 22 tunnels, and over six bridges, on a total length of 15.5 km. The duration of the train tour is 2.5 hours. During the drive, a break is made at five lookouts and intermediate stations from where you can best see and breathe in the beauty of Šargan - Mokra Gora Nature Park. The view extends to the nearby Mećavnik hill, which we visit in the continuation of our excursion.

Mećavnik – Drvengrad

While shooting a film at one of the stations of Šarganska osmica, after observing the position from a lookout, Serbian director Emir Kusturica decided to make a masterpiece in nature. Drvengrad was born on Mećavnik hill. We tour Drvengrad, inspired, like Kusturica, first of all by nature, fresh air, culture, famous film and music stars, and in some places by the world revolution. Mećavnik is the hill for thinking. Walking along Federik Fellini Street, next to Ivo Andrić Square, through Maradona's Alley, we enter a new world; the world of culture and relaxation in the realm of Šargan-Mokra Gora Nature Park. We will watch a short film in one of the cinemas in Drvengrad, where the International film and music festival "Kustendorf" is held every year in January. Kustendorf's promoters were Monica Bellucci, Jim Jarmusch, Nikita Mikhalkov, Johnny Depp, Audrey Tautou, and many others. We will also enjoy good food at restaurants Visconti or Lotika. You can refresh yourself with natural organic juices or homemade brandy.

We summarize our impressions on the way back to Belgrade and agree on what we will visit next.

Meeting point with the tour guide at the reception of your hotel or your address.
The departure time is 7 am.
The tour duration is 12 hours.
The price depends on the number of people. The price of a full-day tour includes: the services of a tourist guide, entrance fees for Šargan Eight ride and Drvengrad, and a return transfer.

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