Subotica - Northern Serbia - Wine Tour

Taste the wines from the white sands

This is the trip through the noble plain of Vojvodina, the north of Serbia. Depart from Belgrade at 10.00 am. After 2 hours of pleasant drive, accompanied by an interesting story from our tour guide, we arrive at Hajdukovo village to visit the wine cellar "Vinski dvor". Dear friends, we invite you to travel around Serbia with us.

Wines from the white sand

This Bačka region lies on sand. The soil is formed from the remains of  the Pannonian Sea. Wines from this part of Vojvodina called "wines from the sand". Extraordinary fertile land, humid continental climate and a knowledge and tradition in wine production are an invitation to taste and enjoy in this special type of grape. We will visit the wine cellar, vineyards and orchards. You will taste 8-9 different delicious wines, served with cheese and fresh apples. We are convinced that these wines will make you happy.
When all your senses get special feelings/bouquet, we come to the Lake Palić - a popular holiday resort in the north of Serbia.


Lake Palić is located 10 minutes drive from our wine cellar "Vinski dvor“. The beginning of tourism in this area dates back to the 19th century. The Palić holiday resort consists of a modern hotels, villas, restaurants, thermal pool and sports fields. It’s surrounded by a large green park. The Zoo is also an attraction for visitors.


Subotica is appropriately called a "city-museum". The Town Hall (1912) dominates the city center. It is built in the Hungarian Art Nouveau style. The squares in front of the City Hall are: The National Theater which is adorned with six Corinthian pillars, the City Library in the baroque style, fountains and monuments. Near by are the Franciscan monastery in the style of neo-romanticism and the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. The Ascension of the Lord in the neo-baroque style. The sacral ensemble completes the Synagogue - one of the most interesting achievements of this kind of sacral architecture in the world. Our walking tour ends at the Reichl Palace, one of the most beautiful in this part of Europe. Further walking through the center of Subotica you will see many other buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries of different styles of architecture.


Salaš are the soul of Vojvodina. Restaurants with a unique atmosphere and cuisine. In the salaš courtyard you can see domestic animals: sheep, goats, horses, ducks, geese, chickens ... Families used to gather around brick. Salaš is the center of life today. A place where people hang out with a friends with a glass of brandy of Rakia, listen to Tamburica and enjoy good traditional food and specialties.  A real paradise for gourmets, who can enjoy in special meals like: beef perkelt with homemade pasta and cheese; Kolenica in horseradish and kaymak cream, rooster stew, Salaš beans, veal and lamb under the bell, sheep stew with cabbage, pork goulas, homemade potatoes, kebabs, mućkalica - mixed stew, roasted duck or goose with baked potatoes, veal or fish soup, plum dumplings and many other traditional dishes of this region.
Depart from Belgrade at 10.00 am. Return to Belgrade around 7:00 PM.
Meeting with the guide at the reception or in front of your accommodation or any other indicated address.
Price depends on the number of travelers. The price includes: wine tasting, tour guide service and return transfer.


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