Uvac Day Trip

Serbia Special Nature Reserve Tour

In the habitat of the griffon vulture
One day trip to the canyon Uvac.
The adventure tour starts from Belgrade or Zlatibor.
We enjoy a walking tour to the most beautiful viewpoints or an exciting all-terrain vehicle drive around fantastic locations that take your breath away. Ahead of us are canyons and caves. We cruise by boat while griffon vultures fly above us.

Meeting with the tour guide and departure from Belgrade at 7 am.

Uvac Special Nature Reserve

After several hours of driving with breaks along the way, the Special Nature Reserve Uvac opens its doors to us. Surrounded by the mountains: Zlatar, Jadovnik, and Javor, it is located at an average altitude of about 1000 meters. The municipalities of Nova Varoš and Sjenica share the territory of the reserve. The central place is the canyon valley of the river Uvac. In the reserve are present 130 species of birds. The most famous is the griffon vulture. Intact habitats of relict plant species adorn and promote the nature reserve. We will get to know the fish world and animal species that move in an area of over 7500 hectares.

Viewpoint Molitva

From the Markova ravan camp, we can walk to the Molitva lookout point or jump into a 4x4 vehicle and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride. We drive SUVs along narrow mountain roads, observing nature and the surroundings. By SUV, we reach an attractive location-Molitva viewpoint. From the Molitva viewpoint, you can see all the beauty of the Uvac canyon. We walk around looking for a place to take the best photos. Optionally, we visit the viewpoint Veliki vrh (lit. Big peak).

Griffon vulture

From the lookout point, we took a picture of a griffon vulture posing as it flies freely above us. A rare species of a vulture - typo today counts over 110 pairs and over 450 individuals, including the canyon of the Mileševka river. The wingspan of the griffon vulture reaches up to 3 meters. In the ecosystem, it has a unique role in natural recycling because it feeds exclusively on dead animals.

The Camp Uvac

In Camp Markova Ravan, at our friends and hosts, we will get to know the specialties of the Zlatar and Sjenica regions. On the table are cow's cheese, buckwheat pie, and other delicious food. We will enjoy a rest and a break in nature. We are making a walking tour and crossing the old suspension bridge over the canyon river.

Uvac Cruise

The waters of the Uvac river cut a meandering bed forming karst rocky rocks. We cruise around the famous meanders. The canyon cliffs reach a height of 350 meters. We are cruising on Lake Uvac (Sjeničko Lake), which is located at an altitude of 980 meters and is about 100 meters deep. We again enjoy the sight of one of the largest colonies of griffon vultures in Europe. We disembark from the boat to tour the Ice Cave.

Ice cave

The Ice cave belongs to the channel system of Ušačka caves which is located on the territory of the nature reserve Uvac. It is the longest explored cave system in Serbia (6185m). The main channel of the cave is over 1500 meters long. The halls and galleries are rich in cave jewelry: cave columns, stalagmites, draperies, and tufa bathtubs with corals and crystal urchins.

We will hear the story about the creation of the reserve itself on the spot and be proud that we were somehow a part of this unique natural entity.
Return to Belgrade in the evening.

Departure for a one - day trip at 7 a.m. from Belgrade or at 9 a.m. from Zlatibor. 
Included: transportation by car, minivan, or bus; tickets to the reserve, cruise, and off-road vehicle driving according to the program; licensed tour guide.
 Note: The price of the trip depends on the number of people. We recommend this tour during spring, summer, and early autumn.



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