Royal Serbia Wine Route

Šumadija Oplenac Topola

Meet the Serbian royal dynasty.
During a pleasant journey, you will listen to the stories of our tourist guide about nature, culture, history, tradition, and the people of this part of Serbia.
Group or a private tour of Šumadija - The heart of central Serbia.



A tour of the complex of the royal dynasty Karađorđević in Oplenac near Topola. During the First Serbian Uprising, the fortress and the town of the leader of the rebels, Karađorđe (lit. "Black George") Petrović, were located in Oplenac. There were fortified trenches around the city, which served as protection for the town. In the time of King Peter I, the grandson of the vožd („leader“) Karađorđe, the planting of vineyards began and the construction of the magnificent Church of St. George, which is today the Mausoleum of the Karađorđevic dynasty. Oplenac is located in a prominent place and it offers a view of the entire Šumadija.

Visit to the Royal Winery
The tradition of viticulture in this area dates back to Roman times. The mildly pleasant climate, terrain configuration, and fertile land provided the inhabitants of this region with excellent conditions for growing various varieties of grapes and the production of delicious and quality wines. We will visit the winegrower's home, vineyards andwine cellar and taste Oplenac wines.


Wine tasting
The Aleksandrović family has been engaged in viticulture and viticulture for more than a hundred years. From the beginning, she cooperated with the winegrowers and winemakers of the royal cellars. Today, with its wines, it is one of the leading Serbian private wineries. Their wines are in the World Wine Museum in Bordeaux and on the wine lists of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world. Make a tour of the luxurious cellar with us and taste white, red, and sparkling wines from the Selection and Premium line. We will host you on any occasion: an individual or group visit, business meeting, or team building.

Ethno house

Get to know traditional rural households, with a unique atmosphere and cuisine. Here you will find a warm Serbian reception, the most delicious specialties of Serbian cuisine, and the best rakia.

The tour starts at 10 am from Belgrade.
Return around 7 pm.

The price depends on the number of people.
The price includes the entrance fee for visiting the complex in Oplenac, wine tasting, guide service, transfer, and good mood.


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