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Ovčar Kablar Gorge can offer a lot: cruise through the beautiful meanders of Western Morava, visit the Kablar viewpoint, and the Ovčar Kablar Gorge monasteries. You can also visit hidden places such as the Banjski Potok, where you can swim, or at least try, in the cold mountain stream, and at least you can bathe in the thermal waters and spa center of the Ovčar spa.
"You have to see Morava at least three times in your lifetime."
- Dobrica Erić, librarian and writer -
We leave Belgrade at 8:00 a.m. and start our journey through the beautiful Šumadija. Two hours of pleasant drive await us, and an amazing story from our tour guide about the nature, culture, customs, and people of this wonderful region.

Ovčar Kablar Gorge

The Ovčarsko-Kablar Gorge has attracted the attention and interest of travelers for centuries with its natural beauty. The Ovčar and Kablar mountain massifs, the meanders of the Zapadna Morava River, the hidden gems of nature, the lush forest, and the thermal springs are beautiful. It was declared a landscape of exceptional qualities, and it is under the protection of the Serbian state. It is characterized by extraordinarily rich flora and is a real museum of nature with 160 registered species of birds and 70 species of butterflies. Various types of mammals can be seen, including otters and even wild cats, then turtles.

Private tours to Ovčar and Kablar.
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Choose one or more options for your trip to Ovčar Kablar gorge:

Option 1.

Ovčarsko Kablarska gorge cruise

Where the Ovčar and Kablar mountains dominate between the Čačak and Požega basins, the Zapadna Morava River has carved a fairytale landscape. Unforgettable cruise through the meanders of Western Morava (which, pinched between the steep slopes of the mountains, wind and create a landscape of exceptional beauty), lasting 2 hours, will introduce you to natural attractions, colorful flora, and fauna, as well as the cultural heritage of the Ovčar Kablar Gorge. When you board the catamaran you will feel the divine beauty that this gorge hides. A cruise on Lake Međuvršje is available, as an option from early spring to late autumn days depending on the weather.

Option 2.

Kablar Peak lookout - hiking

Here you will experience an incredible view of the entire Ovčar Kablar gorge from the top of Kablar, of the meanders of Western Morava, and the indescribable beauty of untouched nature. If you like hiking or mountain climbing, there are two trails (easy and difficult) that you can use to reach the top of Kablar on foot, and it takes about 3 hours of walking. However, if you have the desire to enjoy such a view, and you have no affinity for hiking, you can reach the place by car, which is 700m away from the viewpoint, and the rest must be walked.

Option 3.

Banjski potok (stream) - a hidden gem

Here it is like in a fairy tale. Banjski Potok is one of the hidden gems of the Ovčar Kablar gorge. The stream originates from the Studenac spring at the foot of Ovčar, which flows through a picturesque gorge, gathering other mountain streams, and flows into Zapadna Morava. Dense forests, gurgling water, chirping birds, and untouched nature will make your stay near the Banjski Potok unforgettable. Bathing or refreshing (the water is cold, mountainous, clean) in a stream with an unreal color (airy green), with small waterfalls that have formed pools - tubs, is a real adventure and one to remember for a long time. The stream can be reached on foot (20 min) through nature.

Option 4.

Ovčar Banja spa - thermal waters

After the cruise, hiking to the viewpoint, or swimming in Banjski potok, Ovčar Banja can also offer swimming in the thermal springs. Here all the senses enjoy. The healing water of Ovčar Spa, whose temperature is 38˚C, belongs to the category of homeotherms (normal temperature of the human body), which has been found to lead to the greatest exchange of substances from mineral waters and the human body at these temperatures. The Wellness Center provides maximum conditions for rest, recreation, and relaxation, all in the service of disease prevention and health preservation. Available all year round.

Option 5.

Monasteries of the Ovčar Kablar Gorge

On the slopes of the Kablar and Ovčar mountains, there are ten monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church built in the 14th and 15th centuries, which is why this gorge is often called the Serbian Holy Mountain. The natural environment was an inspiration for the monks to settle in these beautiful areas of Serbia. During our tour of the Ovčar Kablar gorge, we recommend a visit to at least one of the monasteries, and according to our agreement, we can also visit several of them.

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The duration of the trip depends on the options you choose.

The price depends on the number of people.
The price includes the services of a tourist guide and a return transfer.
The price does not include a cruise through the Ovčar Kablar gorge (optional), or use of the Ovčar spa center (optional - 1000 rsd per person).


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