Homolje Thermal Springs - Serbia Spa Tour

"The Gate of Homolje Mountains"

The area of the Homolje is known as ecological oasis.
Therapeutic thermal mineral waters are mixed with cold waters of Krupajsko spring. They perfectly complete the image of this fairytale landscape.
Our first destination is the monastery Vitovnica (13th century). It's an hour and a half away from Belgrade by car or by bus. Our tour guide will introduce you to the history, nature, culture and customs of the people of this part of Serbia.

Vitovnica Monastery

Among the most hidden and fairytale places in Serbia is the gorge of the river Vitovnica. There is a monastery of the same name from the 13th century on her slopes. The founder of the Vitovnica monastery is the Serbian king Milutin. He built this holy temple after successful fights against the Bulgarian-Tatar outlaws who ravaged this area. The monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God. Elder Thaddeus was a well-known spiritual guide of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He was the Igumen of Vitovnica monastery from 1962. to 1972. In the courtyard of the monastery Vitovnica is his grave. His famous words are "what your thoughts are such is your life".
A ten-minute walk from the monastery, through the arranged footpath of the gorge of Vitovnica, surrounded by the most beautiful nature, we reach the therapeutic water and the spring of St. John. More and more believers visit this spring. The opinion about its healing powers, about its healing effect, is ingrained in the people. There are claims of a large number of cures at this place.

Gornjak Gorge

Not far away from the monastery Vitovnica there is the Gornjak gorge. Breaking through the mountains of Homolja, the river Mlava is the only passage through this monumental mountain massif. That is why the Gornjak gorge is also called "The Gate of Homolje Mountains". The gorge is known not only as a miracle of nature, but also as a unique treasury of historical monuments. From ancient times to the Serbian despotism, fortifications and watchtowers were built. Parts of them are still scattered in dense forests.

Blagoveštenje Monastery

At "The Gate of Homolje Mountains" in the Gornjak gorge, there is the Blagoveštenje monastery (dedicated to Holy Annunciation). It was built at the end of the 14th century. The founder is most likely Despot Stefan Lazarević. The ruins of the monastery are recognizable by the walled cave with several openings for windows and doors. Historical sources tell us that the Holy books were transcribed here. Well-educated monks from all over visited the monastery. Blagoveštenje monastery is abandoned today.

Gornjak Monastery

In the heart of the Gornjak gorge, leaning on the slopes of the Ježevac mountain, where, according to tradition, only the Mlava river and the Gornjak wind can pass, there is the Gornjak monastery. According to the legend, the hermitage of the first Serbian archbishop Saint Sava from the 13th century was located in this holy place. The founding charter of the Gornjak monastery was issued by Prince Lazar on August 1, 1378. The main monastery church dedicated to the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the chapel in the cave dedicated to Saint Nicholas, are the only constructions saved from the medieval period.

On the bank of the river Mlava, opposite the monastery Gornjak, in perfect and untouched nature, there is a restaurant where we will rest and lunch. After that we will visit Spa Ždrelo (literally Pharynx) Swimming and relaxing at the thermal mineral springs.

Thermal baths of Mlava- Ždrelo Spa

The swimming pools of the Ždrelo Spa (literally Pharynx Spa) are filled with geothermal water with a temperature up to 40 ° from the spring which is about 200 meters below the ground. It is a real pleasure to swim in these thermal waters during the cold winter days. The healing nature of this water has been scientifically proven. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases, as well as rheumatic pains. If you drink this water chilled, it helps with gastritis and has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs. The recreation center next to the pool contains steam baths, saunas, a salt room, a massage room, and a wellness center. A pleasant time for rest and entertainment wait for us!
The scheduled departure from Belgrade is at 08.00 am.
Return around 09.00 pm.

The price of the trip depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide, transfer and entrance fee for Banja Zdrelo.
Note: bring a bathing suit, towel and a good mood.


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