Tour between Timis and Tisa rivers

 Fantast Castle - Zrenjanin - Castle Kaštel Ečka - Pančevo

The journey through the noble plains of Vojvodina to our first destination, the fairytale castle Fantast, takes about 2 hours. Dear guests, during our trip you will listen to the story of our guide about nature, culture, customs, history, and people of this part of Serbia.

Fantast Castle

There weren't many people, and there aren't many of them today, who could make their dreams come true. One of them was Count Bogdan Dunđerski. He comes from the wealthiest family in Vojvodina from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. On his estate, in the middle of the plain, he built a castle. A beautiful park, like English and French, along which hiking trails stretch, surrounds the castle. It is surrounded by other blessings - a chapel, a horse stable, and an Olympic swimming pool. Today, PIK Bečej AD manages the complex. Pheasants, rabbits, partridges, and roe deer can be seen in the farm zone. A stable of horses stretches along the entire length of the castle. With the experienced instructors, you can also try your hand at this noble sport- horseback riding. In the winter conditions, you can ride a horse-drawn sleigh.


Although similar to other towns in Vojvodina, Zrenjanin still exudes a unique spirit. It is also called the "town of bridges" because the river Begej, on the banks of which this Banat town lies, is adorned with 10 bridges. One of the most important sights of the town is certainly the decorated facades of the central town buildings that belong to the highest rank of art. The monument dedicated to King Peter I Karađorđevic dominates the main town square. The main pedestrian street is also named after him. Then there is the Catholic Cathedral of St. John of Nepomuk and the Town Hall built in the Baroque style. Behind Town Hall, there is a beautiful garden. On the right bank of the Begej, near the "Eiffel" bridge, there is the palace of Lazar Dunđerski, one of the richest landowners and industrialists of Vojvodina at that time. The palace was built in the Art Nouveau style. After the construction, it was a part of the Bečkerecke Brewery complex, which is connected to it, and was also owned by the Dunđerski family. A visit to the Beer Museum is also planned.

Castle-Kaštel Ečka

Only a few kilometers from Zrenjanin is the castle-Kaštel Ečka. It was built in the English style at the beginning of the 19th century. At its opening, there were more than 300 guests from Vienna and Budapest. After lunch, a hunt was organized for the men and a walk by the lake and Begej for the ladies. The great Franz Liszt virtuously magnified the celebration and entertained the guests. The Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, Franz Ferdinand, and the Serbian heir to the throne, the future king of Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Karađorđevic, visited this castle. After a short break in this beautiful building, we continue our journey to the neighboring village and the Ethno-house Trofej - Tiganjica.

Ethno-village Tiganjica Trofej

Traditional cuisine of Vojvodina

Here you can try Banat specialties prepared in the way our grandmothers prepared them. For gourmets, this is a true paradise. They will enjoy Vojvodina's soups, appetizers (kulen, prosciutto, cheese, kaymak), hot bread straight from the oven, game goulash, various grilled specialties, fresh vegetables, homemade brandies, and delicious wines.

The old Georg Weifert Brewery in Pančevo

Georg Weifert was born in Pančevo. He was a Serbian businessman of German origin. In the middle of the 19th century, he was considered one of the largest industrialists in Serbia. His family was known for brewing beer. Georg's father, Ignjat Weifert, built the largest brewery in the region in Pančevo on the site of the oldest brewery in Serbia (1772). Thanks to this activity, Georg became one of the richest people in Serbia. He was twice proclaimed the Governor of the Privileged National Bank of Serbia. Since 2001, a portrait of Georg Weifert has been on the thousand Serbian dinar banknote. We visit the old Weifert Brewery. It is claimed that this beer is prepared traditionally.

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