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Antient Sirmium Tour

Relax in the hot & mineral water over 40 degrees.
The road takes us from Srem to Mačva, through the plains of Pannonia, fertile Vojvodina, and in less than an hour we reach, Sremska Mitrovica, our first destination. During the trip, you will listen to interesting stories of our tour guide about nature, culture, history, customs, and people of this beautiful area of Serbia. Mačva, like Vojvodina, is the furthest part of the Pannonian Basin, and its thermo-mineral springs were enjoyed even during the time of the ancient Romans. Today, this form of vacation and tourism is increasingly practiced and we take you to the hot waters of Bogatić.
This trip is relaxing!

Imperial Palace - Sremska Mitrovica

In Sremska Mitrovica, we visit the historic center of the city and the Imperial Palace. Today's city was built on the remains of the famous Sirmium-the capital of the Roman Empire and one of the world's largest metropolises of that time. Many Roman emperors visited this city, which was the seat of eight rulers of Rome. Five Roman emperors were born in Sirmium: Decius Traian, Aurelian, Probus, Maximian Herculius, and Gratian. In addition to the Imperial Palace with the Roman circus were discovered also: Licinius' baths, granary (horreum), trade and craft districts, luxury city villas, multi-storey residential buildings. Mighty ramparts protected the city. The streets had porticos, sewers and were paved with stone. The famous Roman writer from the IV century Ammianus Marcellinus called this city: "The famous and populated mother of cities".

Thermal mineral springs Bogatić

The Bogatić area, with all its characteristics, is a unique place on the Mačva plain. At a depth of about 450 meters is thermal mineral water with a temperature of 75 ° Celsius. The water to the pool where we will swim is up to 40 ° degrees, so the conditions are more than perfect for complete enjoyment. Cold winter days are ideal for this type of relaxation. Thermal waters are characterized by mineral healing features. Their chemical composition and characteristics are related to the group of geothermal oligomineral sulfides. Bathing in this water is a pleasure for all the senses. The Thermal Riviera complex contains thermal-mineral pools, saunas, massage rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. It is planned to relax for a few hours.

Departure is at 09 AM from Belgrade. Return to Belgrade around 7 PM.
The price of the excursion depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide, transfer and tickets for a visit to the Imperial Palace, and the Thermal Riviera.

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