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At the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, on the border of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Mountains, Belgrade was created and developed. As in the past and today, the rivers are a favorite gathering place of Belgraders and its visitors. From the shores, the most beautiful is the centuries-old military-political-strategic point, Her Majesty the Belgrade Fortress.
On a walking tour of the Belgrade Fortress we visit its main sights and during the summer season we can visit its underground, caves, dungeons, tunnels, bunkers and other buildings that were built and demolished in different periods of our history by the peoples who lived there or passed through Belgrade, the world's great crossroad. A visit to all these sites will bring you closer to the rich past of Belgrade, its destiny, reveal many legends, and also give answers to several centuries-old historical puzzles.

Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan

Discover the Belgrade Fortress together with us.

Enjoying the interesting story of our guide, we set off on a tour of the Belgrade Fortress, one of the largest in this part of the world. Like the wreath and heart of Belgrade, it is located in the center of the city, on a hill above the estuary, surrounded on three sides by large and powerful rivers, thanks to which we have access to all river arteries and the great navigable network of Europe. In its more than 20-century-long history, the Belgrade Fortress has been constantly changing and evolving, meeting many armies, being the arena of many conflicts, so it can rightly be called a reliable witness to the history of the Balkans, Europe and the world in general.
Many times it was completely destroyed, rebuilt and expanded so that today the remains of the fortress - the city of Singidunum, barely built at the end of the 1st century AD for the needs of the Roman Empire, more precisely the IV Legion of Flavius Felix, are barely visible. The fortress spreads over a little less than 53 hectares and is divided into four parts: Veliki and Mali Kalemegnan (which together form one of the most beautiful parks in Belgrade), as well as the Upper and Lower Town where the fortress itself is located.
In the Upper Town, the heart of the fortress where the rulers and those close to them lived, there is the church of Ružica (the oldest in Belgrade, unique in many ways, because it contains sabers, cannon remains and ammunition), the church of St. Petka relics), the tower and the remains of the city of Despot Stefan Lazarević, the Military Museum and the gallery of military equipment under the open sky as well as the bronze monument Pobednik (symbol of the fortress).
In the Lower Town, during the Middle Ages, there was a town with houses, churches, squares and markets. There was also a port for merchant and military ships. Almost all the buildings were destroyed during various conflicts and military campaigns. Today, several of them have been preserved, which we can see during our walk: the Gate of Charles VI, the planetarium of the Astronomical Society "Ruđer Bošković" (which served as a hammam during the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century) and also the remains of the Belgrade metropolis, a large underground warehouse, Barutanu (built during the Austrian rule).

We will also visit the Roman Lapidarium, which preserves the foundations of the main gate of the Roman fortress built at the beginning of our era, sarcophagi and tombstones from all over Serbia. We will use the opportunity to visit a secret bunker from the time of the Inform Bureau, built after World War II, in which various political games were fought between Tito and the rulers of other countries. The Austrian Casemates were created and conceived as warehouses, to store the greatest needs of the city, and we use the chance to go inside the walls of the fortress.
At the end of our tour of the Belgrade Fortress, we recommend a break on the Kalemegdan Terrace or a visit to the Belgrade Zoo.
The tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Our tour guide will meet you at the reception of your hotel, or at any other agreed address.
The price of the trip depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide.
We are expecting you on our tours around Belgrade.

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