Belgrade Sightseeing Tours

Travel agency “Baci Pet - Serbia Travel Service” from Belgrade is pleased to organize for You sightseeing, private guided Belgrade tour. Explore the Belgrade fortress, the streets of the old town, visit museums, the Temple of Saint Sava, meet the old Zemun, take a break with a shot or two of rakia, cruise the Belgrade rivers.

Serbia Travel Service - Baci Pet
Tour operator Licence 069/2022 Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Guided City Tour

View from the height of the skyscraper

Belgrade River Cruise

At the crossroad of worlds

Gardoš Tower and the Danube promenade

The miraculous drink of the Balkans

Get to know the city's alternative potential

An adventure in the heart of the city

Regular Daily - Belgrade City Tour

Traditional Serbian specialties

Tasty and original, you must try

Different parts of Belgrade, away from tourism

Bathing in the forest air

Through the world of history, art, science and technology

Experience the beauty and spiritual peace of Belgrade

Stopover Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla

Where knowledge and tradition flow into premium beer

Tour of the iconic places of Belgrade

The Cultural and Historical Heritage of Belgrade

Belgrade Tour with our Photographer

Recommended in summer months

Serbia - sport as a tradition

We create a tour according to your wishes