Fruška Gora - Serbia Wine Tour

Day trip to taste wines, food and spring water

We will visit the sunny southern slope of Fruška Gora and walk through its beautiful orchards and vineyards. We will taste the water of Fruška Gora's clear springs, eat fruit from gardens and orchards of peaceful villages, chew the wines from the best wineries, and pick enough apples for the road. We will enjoy the most beautiful gifts of nature…

Deurić Winery

After 45 minutes of driving, we arrive in the heart of Fruška Gora, the Mala Remeta village, and the Deurić winery. Our hosts subtly manipulate with wine. We visit the winery, wine cellars, wine tasting rooms, and a lookout. Here is a place where modern technology while respecting nature and grapes, gives wines a specific character. The wine cellar of the Deurić winery is buried 8 meters below the surface of the earth. The barrique barrel cellar is separated from the visitors by a glass wall due to the control and preservation of wine from external influences. The vineyards are 250m above sea level. The vine has been grown in this area for centuries. We will hang out with our hosts with the best wines: Chardonnay, Probus, Merlot, Axiom, and many others.

In the continuation of the trip on our way to the village of Jazak, orchards surround us. We will stop to pick the most beautiful apples.

Jazak Spring

In the Jazak village is a spring, as they say, the third-highest quality water in the world. Near the monastery Jazak, on a small private property, there is a spring of mineral water. The entrance to the property is free. We will be greeted by friendly locals, proud of their water, which they pour in large quantities. Let's drink water whose mineral composition ideally balances calcium and magnesium. A tour of the water factory is also possible.

Jazak Monastery

We will not miss the opportunity to visit the Jazak monastery near the spring and feel the peace and tranquility of this temple. Its nuns keep the holy relics of the last Serbian Tsar Uroš from the Nemanjić dynasty. The first written data about this old monastery is from 1522. At the beginning of the 18th century, the Holy Tsar Uroš relics (son of Tsar Dušan) were transferred to the Jazak Monastery from the Kosovo monastery Nerodimlje. In 1735, the construction of a new church began. Jazak Monastery is one of the wealthiest monasteries in Fruška Gora in terms of its architecture and land ownership. The church foundation was built in the Serbo-Byzantine style. The Baroque three-storey bell tower stands out on the outside, while the church interior is decorated with a decorative iconostasis. The sisterhood of the monastery, among other things, deals with the production of priestly clothes and covers for temples.

Ethno-village Lugarnica

Ethno-village and restaurant "Lugarnica" in the Mala Remeta village is an ideal place to try fruit rakia, as an aperitif before lunch. The specialties of the house are venison, larded venison leg, sausages from venison, and traditional Srem dishes. Surrounded by the forest of the Fruška Gora National Park, we rest and relax next to the pond that accumulates water from 4 springs. Lugarnica has its small stable of horses - ponies. Nearby is the Mala Remeta monastery. We pick fresh fruit trees and order fruit rakia. If you want to stay, accommodation is also available.

Meeting place with a tour guide at the reception of your hotel or at the indicated address.
Tour duration 7-8 hours. Departure time at 10 am or by appointment.
The price depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide, return transfer, wine tasting, and fruit tasting.


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