Niš City Tour

Niš Fortress - Roman Mediana - Skull Tower

Good morning in the city of Niš.

Experience a southern household on this tour with our guide. We will be sightseeing the attractions of Niš on a private walking tour by car or by bus (for groups). We get to know the valuable historical monuments of this city that leave the tourist breathless. Let's finish the tour by relaxing in one of the old taverns of Kazandžijsko sokače.

The pleasure is to be a part of Niš, at least for one day.


The city of Niš has always been at the crossroads of roads that connect Europe with the Middle East. It represents a rich treasury of historical heritage from the beginning of civilization until today. It is surrounded by magnificent mountain massifs. Niš has its Spa and its world-famous Jazz Festival "Nishwille". It is the capital of good traditional Serbian cuisine. During the walk, you will be introduced to the monuments to the city liberators from World War I. The Memorial Park Bubanj and the memorial museum camp „12th February“ are reminiscent of the suffering during World War II. Niš was under the Ottoman Empire for several centuries. In the 12th century, Niš was the meeting place of the Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja and Friedrich Barbarossa during the Crusades. Roman emperors Claudius and Constantine the Great were born in the area of today's Niš.

Niš Fortress

Niš Fortress is located on the riverside Nišava, where various peoples took turns. It has been destroyed several times during its history and got its present appearance in 1723. It is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved buildings of Turkish military architecture in the Balkans. For the construction of today's fortification, next to the stone, everything else that was found on the fortress, pillars, tombstones, and many architectural parts from the Roman and Byzantine period were used. The fortification with a park covers an area of about 22 ha. The ramparts are 2100 m long, 8 meters high, and 3 meters wide on average. Inside the fortress are the remains of a lapidarium (I-IV century), remains of Roman baths, and an early Byzantine road. The hamam has been preserved - the oldest building from the Turkish period, built-in 1498, as well as the Bali-beg mosque and gunpowder from the 18th century. In the central part of the park, there is a monument to Prince Mihailo Obrenović and the liberators from 1878.

Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great is one of the most important Roman emperors. He spent his first days and early childhood in Naissus. He became historically known for the great battles from which he emerged victorious with faith in Christ. In the battle for the conquest of Rome, near the Milvian Bridge, it was noted that the soldiers drew a Christogram, after which Constantine triumphantly entered Rome. There are a large number of tombs and basilicas with the Monogram of Jesus Christ in Niš. The Edict of Milan is the most important historical document brought by Emperor Constantine in 313 in Milan. This document stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire and enabled them to preach their faith without consequences. In 2013, Niš celebrated the 1700th anniversary of this significant historical event for the whole world.


The archeological site Mediana is located on the former Roman road Via Militaris, which led to Constantinople. It had multiple purposes, from the headquarters of Roman patricians and emperors to craft centers and food distribution centers in Upper Moesia. At the site, you can see the Palace and the Villa with a peristyle with valuable mosaics, the remains of a granary, and thermal baths. In the archeological hall of the National Museum of Niš, there are many exhibits from the Mediana site, which is worth visiting on our tour.

Skull Tower and The Battle of Čegar

The whole tower is a symbol of the turbulent history of Serbia and Niš. There is no similar monument in the whole world. It was created after the battle of Čegar in 1809- insurgents of the Serbian army led by Stevan Sindjelić clashed against the twice superior Turkish army. The Turks suffered heavy losses. Hurshid Pasha of Niš ordered that the heads of the killed Serbian soldiers be collected; their skulls are built into the tower as a sign of revenge. The bodies of the dead soldiers were filled with straw and sent to Constantinople. The tower shape is rectangular, 4.5 meters high, and 4 meters wide. The total number of skulls was 985. Over time, most of them disappeared or were damaged. Today, only 58 are visible in the tower. The monument dedicated to the Battle of Čegar is located on a hill not far from Nis. It was made like a tower - a symbol of a military fortification.

Sacral buildings

The Cathedral church is the most important building for the believers of Niš. Built-in 1872, its beauty represents a turning point in modern architecture in Serbia. Various styles are present Serbian-Byzantine, Islamic, elements of the Renaissance and Baroque. The monumental iconostasis is the work of the famous painter George Krstić. In the Cathedral courtyard is the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael from 1814-buried in the ground due to regulations during the Turkish rule. The Church of St. Pantelei is the first church built after the liberation from the Turks in 1878. Inside the church, there are standing life-size figures of Saint Sava and Saint Simeon. There are healing springs around the church. The Church of Saint Nicholas is a historical monument that changed its religious purpose as many as six times during its turbulent history, from a mosque to an Orthodox church. The original church was demolished in 1737.

During the tour, we will walk through the main pedestrian zone, Obrenovićeva Street, and arrive in Kazandžijsko sokače (officially Kopitareva Street), which is a preserved part of the old Niš bazaar from the 18th century. Once a craftsman quarter, and today a zone of good fun, full of the spirit of the new and old city, which spreads the smell of barbecue and good black coffee.

Nišlije (people of Niš) are real Meraklije (someone who enjoys something), be you too ...

Meeting place with a tour guide at the reception of your hotel or indicated address. The duration of the walking tour is 2-3 hours. Departure time at 10.00 am.
The price depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide and transfers.
The full-day tour includes a transfer to Mediana and the Čegar Hill.



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