Tara and Drina - Western Serbia Tour

Trip through the beauties of the Serbian mountains

The journey through Western Serbia starts in Belgrade at 07:00 a.m. and our first destination is Valjevo city. To which we need a little more than an hour of pleasant driving. Our tour guide will provide you with interesting stories about nature, culture, history, customs and people along the way of this beautiful part of Serbia.
Group excursions and private tours in Western Serbia, with a licensed professional tourist guide.


Many famous Serbian people were born or lived in Valjevo; historically important people, we will mention only some of them: famous hajduci (freedom fighters against the Ottoman authorities, irregular infantry) and princes, poet Desanka Maksimović, Duke Živojin Mišić, Saint Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, academics Matija Bećković, Nikola Petrović Joni .. Today's Valjevo was formed as a medieval trade center, at the crossroads of important roads. The city was built in the Serbian-Balkan architecture style from the 18th to the 20th century. The history of Valjevo is rich, especially during the period of the 19th century when it became the center of anti-Turkish resistance. Enjoy the pleasant walk through Tešnjar (the historical center of the city) with our licensed tour guide.


After visiting Valjevo, the road leads us further to the Drina river, over the Valjevo mountains, more precisely Debelo brdo, the famous pass on the Povlen mountain. On this mountain beauty, we will make a few photo breaks, on the viewpoints along the road, from where you can see all the beauties of this part of Serbia in the most magnificent way.

Drina River House

For about 30 years, this wonderful and interesting house on the Drina has provided real peace of mind to many residents of Bajina Basta city, while every tourist, and we are convinced of that, has been deceived by a smile, respect, faith and hope for a better tomorrow. Today, the house is one of the most photographed destination in Serbia. And here, on the banks of the Drina, we will take a rest and relax.

Rača Monastery

According to the legend, the Rača Monastery was built by the Serbian king Dragutin Nemanjić in the 13th century. It is located on the banks of the river Rača, surrounded by the mountain Tara and lush forests. It is 6 kilometers away from the rivers Drina and Bajina Bašta city. The monastery was damaged and rebuilt several times. We ere going to visit a medieval Orthodox monastery with our travel guide.

Vrelo River - Waterfall

 Vrelo river ia a another breathtaking destination of western Serbia. Vrelo is the shortest river in Serbia. With only 365 meters of flow, she is probably one of the shortest rivers in Europe too (from the powerful spring at the National Park to the waterfall on the Drina River). The temperature of this mountain river is 10 degrees. You can see trout swimming in its clear water. If you have not had the opportunity to walk along with the entire river flow, from its spring to the mouth of the river, now you do!
Time for lunch and rest.

Drina River

 The Drina River is formed by the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers and is 364 kilometers long up to its confluence with the Sava River. It is a centuries-old border, at the beginning of the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, then between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and today between Serbia and Bosnia. Due to its distinct green color, the river is popularly known as Zelenika (green color in the Serbian language). Thanks to its picturesqueness, canyons, gorges and mountain valleys, the river Drina is among the most beautiful in Europe. While descending from Povlen mountain towards the river Drina, we will take a photo stop at a stunning viewpoints and drink cold mineral water from mountain springs.

National Park Tara

According to mythology, the mountain is named in honor of the good god Tara, who chose these indescribable natural beauties as his residence. Tara National Park is an empire of untouched nature. During our tour, we will take photo breaks at the most stunning panoramas. If weather conditions allow, we will visit more remote lookouts, such as Banjska stena or Sjenič. In the summer months, we are also visiting Zaovine lake, where you can swim.
Scheduled departure from Belgrade is at 07.00. Return to Belgrade around 22.00. The meeting point is at your hotel or any other indicated address.
The price of the tour depends on the number of people. The price includes tourist guide services and transfers.

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