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 The authentic cuisine of Serbia

Serbian cuisine is one of the most beautiful and delicious cuisines in the world. If you have any doubts about that, we will convince you of the truth of this statement. Let us take you on a journey. We will visit the most beautiful authentic Ethno-villages of Serbia near Belgrade. You will try traditional Serbian dishes and specialties. We guarantee that you will enjoy every bite. Serbian cuisine allows you to feel the diversity of tastes.

The richness of Serbian cuisine is a consequence of mixing different cultures and peoples who passed through here.

Serbian food exudes originality. You will surely want to keep coming back to it.

Accompanied by our tour guide, we set off on a gastronomic tour by car, minivan, or by bus. We will visit the hidden places and locals from Šumadija who live and work on their family estates. Our locals are tucked away in their little paradises away from the main roads. Their hospitality is brought through the stories of guides, gourmets, and adventurers.

The Zornića House


On our round trip, after 45 minutes of driving, we turn off from the main road and arrive in the Baćevac village. We take a break in the ethno ambiance of the complex Zornića house. Homemade brandy, coffee from a cup (fildžan), and some sweet cookies are waiting for us. There is a 110-year-old building in the complex Zornića house. Renovated and adapted into the main restaurant. Besides good food and drinks in the Zornića house, there is also a mini zoo, a small horse stable, accommodation, and a campsite. We use the opportunity to laze in the meadows. It is a true pleasure for all ages.

After we tried a nice, sweet-hot brandy, breathed fresh air, we go on to find some hidden places and locals.


Ethno village Babina Reka

(lit. Grandma’s River)

After one hour's drive, we arrive in the village of Trbušnica. The village is hidden in the hilly parts of Šumadija. By rural road, we reach the beautiful property of our host, in the Ethno-village Babina Reka. Babina Reka covers an area of 1 hectare. Isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a forest with its lake, there is a hidden oasis in untouched nature. Next to the lake is the stream Babina Reka, after which the whole area was named. We can relax while fishing or pick plants and mushrooms in the area or recreate with futsal and basketball. In the summer months, a mini pool in the yard is also available. There is a possibility of spending a night over. We are taking a lunch break. With the welcome drink-brandy, we choose a specialty recommended by Baba's kitchen (lit. Grandma’s Kitchen). On the menu, are "Baba's (lit. Grandma’s) chicken medallions" and "Chicken on the floor" topped with homemade cheese and cream. Smoked pork cracklings are mandatory as a side dish. After a break, we take pork chips (cracklings) for the road…

Ethno village Karađorđev vajat

The road leads us further towards Aranđelovac city. We take a short break in Orašac. We will get acquainted with the historical facts of this area and the First Serbian Uprising in the time of Karađorđe Petrović. We will see his monument and the meeting place of the people who set out to liberate from the Turks and continue towards the Ethno-complex – Karađorđ’s Vajat. We climb a narrow, curvy street in our vehicle to an altitude of 380 meters. We arrive in the Ethno-village Karadjordje’s Vajat. We will find and meet with the owner and our host Dragan. There are 200-years-old houses. We get acquainted with traditional items that our hosts keep from being forgotten. The view from the garden towards the hills of the spacious Šumadija is resting. The recommendation for dinner is lamb under the bell or Karadjordje's schnitzel. For an appetizer kaymak, prosciutto, various cheeses, and homemade bread are welcome.


It's time to return to Belgrade.
Who wants to stay chalets are available - wooden houses for accommodation.
Let's wait for the morning and continue through Serbia.
The meeting place with a tour guide is at the reception of your hotel or your address.
The duration of the gourmet tour is 8-10 hours. Departure time is by appointment.
The price depends on the number of people.
It includes the services of a tourist guide, welcome brandy in Ethno- villages, coffee, lunch in the Ethno-village Babina Reka, return transfer.




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