East Serbia Day Tour

Manasija - Resava Cave - Lisine Waterfalls

Get to know Serbia together!
Feel the nature, away from the main road.


Our tour guide will provide you lovely stories about the history, nature, culture, and customs of the Serbian people along the way.

Manasija Monastery 

The trip from Belgrade to the Manasija monastery will take about an hour and a half. Manasija is the Serbian Orthodox monastery, also known as the Resava Fortress. Founder is Despot Stefan Lazarevic. In 1407, the construction of the Resava complex began near the town of Despotovac. The complex consisted of the Church of the Holy Trinity, a transcription and translation school, a library, city walls and defensive towers. City walls were up to 3 meters thick with 11 high towers. The most dominant tower was Despotova. Deep trenches were dug around the city. Trenches with the monumental walls and towers, represented a modern system of protection. The only entrance inside the complex was through the great western gate. The monastery was one of the largest educational, religious, cultural center (the so-called Resava school) of medieval Serbia.
About an hour away from Despotovac, there is a village Divljakovac, where we will visit the famous Resava cave.

Resava Cave

During our tour, we will visit one of the most attractive and oldest caves in Serbia. The cave is estimated to be 80 million years old, and the oldest cave formations date from 45 million years ago. The cave was discovered in 1962. and opened for tourist visits in 1972. The tourist route consists of 3 galleries, 950 meters long, and gives us an outstanding experience of sightseeing the cave halls and corridors.

Nature Reserve Lisine- Veliki Buk Waterfall

From Resava Cave we are going to visit nature reserve Lisine and waterfall Veliki Buk. We will have a lunch break in the splendid restaurant on the river bank. After the break, we continue our walk through the nature reserve. During the walk you will enjoy the landscapes of Beljanica mountain. The clear water of the river Veliko Vrelo and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Serbia, Veliki Buk, also wait for us.
Scheduled departure from Belgrade at 08:00 am. Return at 06:00 pm.
The price of the excursion depends on the number of people. The price includes entrance fee for a visit to the Resavska cave, tourist guide services, and transfer.

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