Tara & Mokra Gora - 2 days tour


We continue our journey and arrive at the village called Sirogojno. We visit the open-air museum - the old village of Sirogojno. More than 50 houses transferred from several locations from the surrounding villages of Zlatibor authentically show us the architecture, the way of family life, and the economic activities of the household during the 19th and early 20th centuries. We take a break here and a good lunch is guaranteed.

Stopića Cave

After a short walk along a forest path at an altitude of 711 meters, we discover the Stopića Cave, the jewel of the Zlatibor Mountains. It is 1,691 meters long, and a stream flows through it. The most attractive part of the cave is the Bigrene tubs, which cascade into each other. There is a 10-meter-high waterfall in the cave. We walk for 330 meters through cave halls and river channels.

Gostilje waterfall

We enjoy the fresh air and reach the Gostilje waterfall in the village of the same name. The water slides off the moss-covered rocks forming a waterfall 20 meters high. Gostilje waterfall was created from a mountain river that flows into the Katušnica river in front of the waterfall, creating an environment of untouched nature dominated by beech and pine forests.


We arrive at our final destination, Mount Zlatibor. Zlatibor is a tourist center that, with its contents, allows tourists to stay all year round. Excellent hotels of different categories are available. There are mountain villas and apartments on every corner. The offer includes hiking trails, caves and waterfalls, an adventure park, and quad biking. The highest peak of Zlatibor is Tornik.

Gold Gondola

We board the longest gondola in the world. The Zlatibor Gold Gondola connects the center of Zlatibor with Tornik peak. Regularly operates 72 cabins, while the maximum capacity is 90 cabins if needed. With a smooth ride, we cross the 9-kilometer section, enjoying the view of Ribničko Lake and Zlatibor landscapes that change during the 25-minute drive. We take a break at the top of Tornik at an altitude of 1496 m above sea level.
Accommodation in a hotel or apartments in Zlatibor or Mokra Gora.