Forest Wellness Belgrade

Bathing in the forest air

In essence, man is a part of nature, and as such, he functions best when he lives in harmony with it. The modern way of life in urban areas such as Belgrade separates us from nature. It is not an ordinary walk in the woods! By listening and simply observing nature through various techniques, we have prepared for you: a drinking tea/tea party, creative workshops, or a "forest on a plate" lunch.

Breathe in nature with us and: remove stress and loneliness, strengthen the immune system and stimulate your own creativity. This unique and unusual forest walk does not take much time and can be adjusted to your daily schedule. Try it, and you will see that it will become your routine. You will gather energy, and it will be easier to deal with everyday life. We bring you back to nature and connect you with it in places you already know in Belgrade. There are many options, and we recommend you:

Arboretum of the Faculty of Forestry

This unique oasis is increasingly recognized as a still undiscovered pearl in the green ring of Belgrade.
With its exceptional characteristics and value, it represents a monument of nature with a floristic character.ž


Košutnjak Forest Park is another oasis that Belgrade is proud of. It covers an area of 330 ha.
It is the perfect place in the city to escape into a forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.

"Jevremovac" Botanical Garden

It has been a nature hideout in the very center of the city for more than a century. When you pass through the gate in the garden, you've entered a paradise between the city streets. There are about 1000 plant species in it.
The gem of the garden in the open space is specimens of Pančičeč spruce and oak, Japanese and European gardens that still resist the city bustle and attract many visitors.

Great war Island

It is an untouched jungle in the center of Belgrade that can only be reached by boat. It already sounds enticing enough for forest wellness.
The whole atmosphere is complemented by the chirping of birds, which are the most numerous residents of this island.

We can stay on the Great War Island only during the summer months.

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