Belgrade Food Tour

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Enjoy Belgrade as a Belgrader
Let's spend a day in Belgrade as its residents on a weekday or weekend. Let's get to know the locals, neighbors, people passing by and their habits. Let's start the day/tour at the bakery and the favorite fast food of Belgraders that is much much more for those in a hurry. We visit the market and its world of stall sellers, we will try all kinds of tasty things. Finally, with coffee and a special dessert, we summarize our impressions.

We will reveal to you, where the best burek (savoury pie) in town is prepared! With meat, cheese, or "empty". Try this Balkan specialty, and you'll want to reveal the secret recipe of this simple yet delicious pie. It is also available in other countries, but only in our country is it prepared this well.

Let's meet everyone at the market! Let's buy fresh food, greet smiling vendors, and soak up the colorfulness and freshness of Belgrade's markets. Open-air markets have always been a place for locals to meet and talk, where, while buying the most delicious foods, they learn about the latest city gossip. We will try kajmak (kaymak), čvarke (pork cracklings), and ajvar, authentic dishes that are an obligatory to every big food table with Serbs. There are also homemade cheeses, prosciutto, homemade sausages, and dry meat. Yum!

As we continue to cruise through the city and get to know the sights and history of Belgrade and its residants, the road will lead us to the heart of the city to the "Moskva" hotel, where we will sweeten our time with the famous Moscow Shnit cake. We relax with a coffee and think about where we will go tomorrow. Optionally, we will reserve the best restaurant for continued enjoyment and true gourmets.

Meeting point with the tour guide at the reception of your hotel or other indicated address.
Tour duration of 3-4 hours.Departure time at 10:00 a.m. or as agreed.
The price depends on the number of people.
The price includes the services of a tourist guide, return transfer, breakfast in the bakery, food tasting at the market, dessert, coffee, and refreshments.

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