Belgrade Beer Tour

Where knowledge and tradition flow into premium beer

Visit Kraft Breweries in Belgrade.
We will take you on a brewery (craft) tour in Belgrade, where we will talk about beer with beer.
Brewing has a long tradition in Serbia, and the process of making beer was already known during the medieval reign of the Nemanjić dynasty, where beer was consumed both at court and in monasteries. The expansion of the beer industry begins at the end of the 18th century. From then until the end of the 19th century, the beer industry developed, and today we also have many smaller craft breweries worth visiting. During our beer journey, we will try unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, according to taste, for all those who want something new and different. In addition to the standard offer depending on the season, seasonal beers will also be available. We can try/taste beer in the taproom of each brewery, where you can see the production plant or in outdoor sitting areas in a classic beer style. You can also buy beer and take it with you. We love beer! We share it with all travelers and adventurers because then we are more relaxed and natural, and communication flows in different languages.

The duration of the tour is about 5 hours.
The price depends on the number of people.
The price includes tastings- beer drinking, tourist/tour guide services, and transfer.

Baci Pet

Tour Operator Licence 069/2022 
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Rada Neimara 23.
Belgrade, Serbia.