Explore Belgrade's non-touristy city places

Different parts of Belgrade, away from tourism

Discover Belgrade differently. Find with us the best non-touristy hidden places in the city. During this tour, we will share with you everything that makes up the modern life of ordinary citizens. Get to know the locals and their way of relaxation. Experience life in Belgrade the right way - the way most Belgraders live and see it. We tailor the route together with you. Some of the mentioned and essential parts of Belgrade can be included in sightseeing of non-touristy corners:

Blokovi Novi Beograd (lit. New Belgrade Blocks)

After the Second World War, the swampy green area was transformed into an urban unit - New Belgrade. Famous New Belgrade blocks sprung up one after the other in the spirit of socialist realism and brutalism. Lovers of post-war architecture will enjoy walking through the blocks of New Belgrade while hearing about the history of the "dormitories" - as this part of the city was once called. Today, Blokovi ("Blocks") are urban districts with a special charm.

Belgrade graffiti

Belgrade streets, walls, and facades are decorated with the works of street artists from the 80s until today. Legendary aphorisms, murals, and graffiti leave a strong impression on observers because they represent a colorful world of colors and attitudes. Belgrade is a canvas on which many artists left their mark and gave a unique charm to our wonderful city.

Belgrade rafts

Belgrade rafts are a synonym for a good time in Belgrade. Even three decades ago, they became a place of guaranteed nightlife and relaxation during the day. Especially during hot summer days and nights, when residents of the capital descend on the rivers to escape the heat. For everyone's taste, rafts with different ambiances can provide you with enjoyment, good music, and delicious food, relax with a drink and a view of the river or wait for the evening and feel an unforgettable time under the lights of the city.

Belgrade markets

Many markets in Belgrade have been and remain the center of the life of the people of Belgrade for a century. Kalenić market, Bajlonijeva market, Cvetkova market, market Zeleni venac (lit. Green wreath), and Zemunska market are just some of them that can tell about the past of this city. Fresh foods and the smiling faces of sellers invite you to try delicious and juicy fruits, organic vegetables, and traditional specialties according to the recipes of our grandmothers.

Ada Međica

The river island of Ada Međica is a hidden oasis not far from the center of Belgrade, ideal for walking and relaxing. You can get to Ada Međica only by boat. The island is a protected natural entity. Around the island is a path where you can walk through untouched nature. Solar panels and wind turbines are used on the island because there is no electricity. Plane trees, poplars, oaks, and "wild" beaches will provide you with refuge on hot summer days, and untouched nature will inspire and relax all your senses.

Buvljak (Flea market)

You will find everything you can think of at Buvljak - from soup to nuts, retro and modern. In these authentic "exhibition" spaces, according to legend, people also found real small fortunes. True or not, you will have a unique experience. And we guarantee you fun!

The best fast food of Belgrade

Belgrade is considered a busy and exciting city. People are constantly on the move. Belgrade is a city that never sleeps. It is also known for providing an excellent gourmet experience to its busy and smiling residents. If you're a fan of a good bite and you're passing through, you'll enjoy delicious and quick meals. This city has adapted to the pace of life of its fellow citizens and has an excellent offer of fast food restaurants and bakeries. Enjoy grilled dishes-shish kebab, barbecue, pljeskavica (lit. burger). And if you are a fan of dough and sweets, Belgrade's bakeries and pastry shops will attract you with a wide selection of pastries and flavors - burek, strudel, cremeschnitte, šampita, baklava, and other various specialties. Feel the flavors that the people of this city love.

Belgrade's iconic cafes

One of the most beautiful images of Belgrade is its streets studded with cafes, from which comes the bustle of smiling people. Get to know the pulse of our capital, full of life and a cheerful bustle. Stroll the streets of Dorćol and drink coffee in iconic and unique cafes, themed places, small breweries, and rakia bars. You can also jump to the famous Obilićev venac in the city center and choose your suitable ambiance for drinking cocktails. Or to go away and find some hidden places under a linden tree or in a small yard and sip a coffee or beer while taking a break from walking the streets of the city. For the citizens of Belgrade, cafes are sacred and iconic places, where life takes place, where problems are solved, and where the future is planned.

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