Belgrade Champions Tour

Serbia - sport as a tradition

This is exactly one of the most important facts about Serbia that you will learn after landing at Belgrade Airport. Serbia is the 111th country in the world in terms of size and 99th in terms of population; with many times smaller investments in sports compared to big economic powers, find out how and what it takes to win medals at major sports competitions. Serbian athletes have been given many big countries set high goals in the sports field; captivating with their skills, and talent, burning for every point and victory. In addition to success, there were also failures when most were expected. The sweetest victories are when nothing is expected and when Balkan spite works. Athletes and their successes are our biggest brand.

Water polo

Serbian water polo players won absolutely everything! Olympic, World and European gold, World Leagues, and Cups. And again in a circle! An incredible story about the strength, skill, and talent of these athletes with minimal investment and support from the state. Serbia has no sea, but there are dolphins among the people.

Mali (little) Kalemegdan – basketball courts

In this place, basketball was born in old Yugoslavia - the school of basketball-correct, which still teaches many people in the world of basketball. We introduce you to the story of Serbian men's and women's national basketball teams and the most famous basketball clubs, Partizan and Red Star. Their successes, the difficulties they went through, and the well-deserved celebrations, lead us further, and they can do much, much more. We will visit: Belgrade Arena (one of the largest European world arenas), Sports Hall in New Belgrade, and the famous and feared Pionir Hall in the whole basketball world. Welcome.
We will visit: Belgrade Arena (one of the largest European world arenas), Ranko Žeravica Sports Hall in New Belgrade, and the famous and feared Pionir Hall (the Aleksandar Nikolić hall) in the whole basketball world. Welcome.

Novak Đokovic

Novak Đokovic is our pride and our brand. We talk about Novak, with refreshments in his restaurant on the Danube Quay in Dorćol, where we will also see the original trophy room. Inspired by the impression of this admirable man who became the world number 1, we will look around the tennis courts in search of future stars.

Volleyball players

When you find yourself among the top 4 teams at the European, World Cup, or Olympic Games, competing with countries that are ten times bigger than you, and you spike above everyone else, it's a priceless feeling. Volleyball in the women's and men's competitions regularly delights us with great awards. The men's volleyball team of Serbia was the European champion in 2001, 2011, and 2019. The women's volleyball team of Serbia holds the European gold from 2011, 2017, and 2019. They were the vice-champions of the Olympic Games in 2016 and the world champions in 2018. They are the current world champions from 2022. We enjoy watching volleyball – such power is hard to explain.


As football is the most significant sideline in the world, so football is the most important sport for Serbs. We may not have as many medals as in other sports, but we are waiting for that day. Until then, our young footballers show where they come from, winning European and world championships with the clubs they play for. We tour the stadiums of Partizan and Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) because many topics and stories start there.
Medals at the Olympic Games are traditionally won by athletes in combat sports such as judo, taekwondo, wrestling, and the ever-present shooting in the small-caliber rifle and pistol disciplines. Kayaking and rowing are noteworthy water sports. We also have swimmers worth their weight in gold. Belgrade also has an Ice Hall, rugby fields, and Hippodrome. Get to know the city where sporting successes are traditionally celebrated with athletes on the famous balcony of the Old Palace building, which houses the Belgrade City Assembly. Belgrade and Serbia have sporting heart.

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