Belgrade - Rooftop Private Tour

View from the height of the skyscraper

Let's climb to the highest points and high-rise buildings in Belgrade. Let's observe the city from the highest buildings in Serbia. With our tour guides, we will visit different parts of the Belgrade, and its hilly parts with special permission. We will climb to the tops and roofs of Belgrade's solitaires, and residential and business buildings. Let's choose five objects together, bring a camera, and take the most beautiful pictures. Refreshments at the end are reserved with the best view.

Geneks Tower - West Gate of Belgrade

The Genex Tower, also known as the West Gate of Belgrade, is a 35-story tower. It consists of two concrete buildings, residential and commercial, connected by a bridge on the 26th floor, above which there is a circular rotating restaurant. Its height is 135 meters, and it is currently the second-highest building in Belgrade. It is decorated with a digital clock on the top. Geneks is a symbol of the development of the capital and the headquarters of the once most successful Yugoslav company Geneks, which collapsed after the wars of the 90s. It was designed by architect Mihajlo Mitrović in 1980 in the style of modern architecture - brutalism.

Rudo - Eastern Gate of Belgrade

Rudo is the official name of three identical residential buildings that symbolically represent the Eastern Gate of Belgrade. The name was given by the Belgrade architect Dragoljub Mićović, a native of the Bosnian-Herzegovina town of Rudo, while he was supervising the construction. The head designers were architect Vera Ćirković and engineer Milutin Jerotijević. The height of these solitaires is 85 meters, the number of floors is 28, and they face each other. Each building has 190 apartments. The total number of tenants is about 1,500. It is located in the Belgrade municipality of Voždovac, in Konjarnik.

Ušće - business center

Business center Ušće - Ušće Towers, with its height of 141 meters, is the third tallest building in Belgrade and Serbia. It was built in 1964. according to Mihailo Janković's project, as a palace of social and political organizations, which also was the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists of Yugoslavia, popularly known as "CK". Unfortunately, during the NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia, the building was hit by 12 missiles. After detailed renovation, it was modernized, and two floors were added. The most attractive part of the building is "Top Of The Hub", a restaurant for celebrations, meetings, and concerts. "Top Of The Hub" is located on the highest 25th floor, offering a fantastic view of the city. Today, there are the headquarters of various domestic and foreign companies, and television and radio companies. It gets a new name - Ušće, due to its position and proximity to the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The Ušće shopping center, the largest in Serbia, was opened in the vicinity of the building. In 2020, she got a twin whose name is Ušće Tower 2.

The Beograđanka building

The Beograđanka building is another symbol of Belgrade. With its height of 101 meters, it dominates as the highest skyscraper in the city center. Construction was completed in 1974, according to the project of architect Branko Pešić. Today, the building houses local television, the headquarters of several domestic and foreign companies, and numerous offices and business premises owned by the city of Belgrade. The restaurant on the top floor is expected to reopen soon, from where the view of Belgrade is available on all four sides of the world.

Residential towers – Sloboda towers

In Vojvode Stepe Street in the Voždovac municipality, there are three identical residential buildings, two of which are on the even side and one tower on the odd side of the street. Solitaires are called "Freedom". They were built in 1976. Their height reaches 91 meters. The total number of floors is 20. They are located in a hilly part, which allows a more beautiful view of different parts of the city.

Rooftops in the city center

In the center of the city, we explore places where we will refresh ourselves, summarize our impressions, and take some more pictures, perhaps of the sunset, or the citizens of Belgrade moving through the passages, plateaus, and corridors of the central part of the city. The ideal place is the Terazije roofs, where the restaurant "Caruzo" is located, from which the view shoots in the direction of the Sava River, New Belgrade, and "Belgrade on the Water". On the same level, but from the other side, we will climb to the roofs of the Dom sindikata - Trade Union House, to the "Sinnerman" jazz club. From the terrace of the "Sinnerman" club, we enjoy the view of the Parliament and other sights on Nikola Pašić Square. If there is time, we can climb to the roof of the "Rajićeva" shopping center in Knez Mihailova Street, from where the view of the Kalemegdan parks, the Cathedral Church, the Belgrade bridges, and New Belgrade can be seen from the terrace of the "Mama Shelter" hotel.
Meeting point with the guide at the reception of your hotel or other indicated address.
Tour duration is 4-5 hours. Departure time is 10:00 a.m. or according to the agreement.
The price depends on the number of people. The price includes the services of a tourist guide, return transfer, entrance fees, and refreshments.

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